Please find our most Frequent Asked Questions below. You can choose by category or choose to see “all”. Don’t see you question that you need answered? Contact us and we will be happy to answer any question you can think of. We may not have all the answers to life’s problems, but we like to think we have all the answers to making your life more organized and beautiful.


We stand behind our quality craftsmanship and proudly offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty that will cover any defects in materials and workmanship, other than normal wear and tear. Any defective part will be repaired or replaced, without charge, by a Meridian Closets certified installer so long as the original customer resides where the product was delivered and installed by Meridian Closets. Simply contact us and present this warranty and your invoice as proof of purchase.This warranty shall be void if the product is used for any purpose other than its intended use; or if the product is moved from its original installation location under contract with Meridian Closets.

The number of shelves will depend on how much space is available and the size of items you plan on placing on the shelves. We work with you to find out this information and present it on a drawing for you to look over. If you feel like you need more shelves, we can adjust the drawing to show more. Your quote will also be adjusted per adding or removing shelving before. If you find out after the pantry is installed that you would like more shelving, we can provide you with more (usually within a day) (fee does apply per shelf). In the end, we want your space to be as organized and efficient as possible!


Meridian Closets was founded as a secondary company to the “Bedder Way Company”.  Bedder Way has been manufacturing real wood and decorative melamine murphy beds and cabinets (shipping them  nationwide) for the past 15 years. Because of the growth and capabilities in machinery over the years, stepping into closets and cabinets for the local Indianapolis area was an easy and logical addition. To be blunt, closets and cabinets are not our main stream revenue, and only require minimal areas of our production process. With our high tech CNC machines and buying capabilities, offering closets and cabinets to our local Indianapolis neighbors at a lower price is still a very profitable product for our company, and an even bigger savings to our customers. We offer the same quality (and in some cases better quality) with the same options in similar colors, accessories, layouts, drawings, easy quotes, and professional installation, as or competitors. But that is not all! We offer the option of REAL WOOD! As a local manufacturer that finishes real wood on a daily basis, we have the ability to offer you the option of real wood (either Oak or Maple) for your closets and cabinets. Sound to good to be true? Come visit our showroom, give us a call,  or compare us with any quote that you received from any competitor. Let us show you what we can do for you!


Any other way we try and keep cost down for our customers is by making your time and our time more efficient. Pricing for closet and cabinets can be one of the biggest questions a customer will have. To speed up the process for getting you an easy drawing/layout to work from  and an idea of price, we have a simple worksheet for you to fill out. Part of this worksheet will be for you to fill in some dimensions. You will not need to be 100% correct when providing the measurements to receive a drawing or price, but it will allow us to turn something to you very quickly. Use this to compare to other closet companies , hold onto it to when you are ready to begin at a later time in the future, or work back and forth with us to adjust any item until you like what you see. When you are ready to move forward, we will send a professional team member to come and take final measurements of your space. We will NEVER begin production of closets or cabinets without coming to your home for final measurement.  This whole process really saves on your time and ours. Time saved is money saved!

Don’t have the ability to take measurements of your workspace. Just give us a call to request a team member to come to your location, and we will take measurements for you to start the design process.

Don’t forget! We have a showroom. Bring your rough measurement to our showroom, look at physical samples of our products, and talk with one of our professional team members.

Remember this phrase “You don’t get what you don’t ask for”.

We understand that every room is different and “needs” vary. As a local manufacture, we have a lot of capabilities. We do set limits to what we are willing/able to do. These limits are set due to our heavy volume of production on a daily basis. But what you may think is custom, “may not” be to us. So please, always let us know what you are wanting. We will be upfront and honest with you if we are able to accommodate your request. Our design team is very talented and we take pride in what we are able to do.


First off, we want to compliment you on taking the first step in replacing your wire shelving. You will see a big difference in the appearance and function when you replace it with one of our closets.

We unfortunately do not remove your wire shelving. We do have trusted painting companies that we can connect you with for removing the wire shelving, patching your holes, and painting your room. Please ask us for their information and any questions that you may have about rough pricing for this type of service. When working with a trusted painter that we normally work with can improve on timing and communication to properly and efficiently completing your project.

Patching and painting your walls (once your wire shelving has been removed) will only increase the overall beauty of your new closet. We strongly suggest that you have this done before we (or anyone else you go with) comes to install the closet.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions pertaining to removing your wire shelving that we can answer for you.